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Website dedicated to my 3D plants modeling and ultra realistic matt painting.

3D plant model tree fern landscape star wars c4d obj vue fbx max image 1


The 3D plants featured on this websites are designed and modeled by myself, using E-On's The Plant Factory software.

Special projects may require specific types of trees or vegetation growth. I offer custom design on demand services for any species of plant - fantasy, photo-realistic, or stylized. For custom inquires, please give me as much detail as possible about your project in order to adapt the price and the design to fit your goal. Contact me by E-Mail at: frederic.bec31@gmail.com

Remember that the 3D plants presented here are generic plants designed to be adaptable and customizable for any project and any need. 3D plants for game, still image, wide ecosystems, ultra realistic animation, or cartoon are not identical concept and polygons systems. For special projects I will optimize the model specifically for your needs and your machine.

If you are a matte painter and you need vegetation ready to use for your project - please contact me! I have experience in matte painting using Vue Ecosystem technology and know exactly how to optimize high quality plants for your scenes.

As a landscape designer by formal education with a degree from Bordeaux School of Architecture and Landscape Design, I have extensive knowledge of real life environments all over the world - from the humid tropics to temperate mountains and beyond! I specialize in paleo-environments so if you need to rebuild a landscape or evolution at any specific historic or prehistoric period, I am your solution. Not only can I give you historically accurate, beautifully designed plants but also the knowledge about the era to make your project stand above all others.

FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009028632320

Complete contact:

Frédéric BEC
8 rue de Saint Pé


Tel: 00 33 5 61 97 25 39

Dagobah mangrove tree rhyzophora 3D Star Wars C4D max obj 3ds fbx image 1Dagobah style forest with Dagobah mangrove tree item

Adonidia merrillii veitchia christmas palm plant tree 3d model TPF The Factory 3ds cad max obj fbx vue patio3D Adonidia merilli palm tree in a patio

Olea europaea olive tree 3D tree plant model TPF The Plant Factory image 13D Olea europaea (olive tree) in a field

Olea europaea olive tree 3D tree plant model TPF The Plant Factory image 2Close-up on the Olea europaea trunk

3D plant model perenial TPF The Plant Factory Agapanthus praecox (Blue Lily) image 1Agapanthus X praecox in different colors and size

Pinus hwangshanensis chinese pine 3D plant tree model TPF The Plant Factory landscape 3Pinus wangshnanensis (chinese pine tree) in Moon Moutains

03 Eucalyptus globulus tasmania blue gum tropical jungle forest 3d tree Image 23D Eucalyptus globulus jungle in South Australia

05 Fagus sylvatica beech tree 3d plant model factory 3ds cad max fbx obj forest3D Fagus sylvatica (beech tree) forest