Welcome to 3D Plant Model, website dedicated to my 3D plants modeling and ultra realistic matt painting.

The 3D plants offered of this websites are made by myself, using The Plant Factory software.

All the 3D plants presented here are available on Cornucopia 3D store at this link: http://www.cornucopia3d.com/brokeredfor.php?artist_store=179 and can not be sold elsewhere.

But I can design on demand any kind of 3D plants. For such special project, please contact me by E-Mail at: frederic.bec@graphi-paysage.com

I have almost no limit with The Plant Factory.

Please give me as much details as possible about your project in order to adapt the price and the design to your goal.

Remember that the 3D plants presented on Cornucopia 3D are generic plants designed to be adaptable and customizable for everybody. For special projects I can optimized much more the model for your needs or your machine. 3D plants for game, still image, wide ecosystems, ultra realistic animation, or cartoon are not indentical concept and polygons systems.

Matt painter, you need good plants ready to use for your project ? Please contact me.

But I can also realised Matt painting myself using Vue Ecosystem technology.

Because my first job is landscape design, I have a big knowledge in real life environments all over the world, from tropics to temperated moutains. I am also a spetialist of paleo-environment. If you need to rebuild a landscape evolution at any historic or prehistoric period, I am your solution. Not only I can give you the 3D tools but also the knowledge.

More about me: http://www.cornucopia3d.com/classroom/article.php?id=352&from=makingofs

FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009028632320

Complete contact:

Frédéric BEC8 rue de Saint Pé

Tel: 00 33 5 61 97 25 39