05 mars 2016

Ceiba pantandra

CEIBA PENTANDRA (KAPOK) Ceiba pentandra is a pantropical tree found in Central and South America, Africa and Asia (cultivated). My goal was to build a customizable tropical looking tree for all situation.The 3 major innovations of this tree are:- Epiphytes community customizable with 6 species: Aechmea sp, Vriesea splendens, Tillandsia usneoides (spanish moss), Tillandsia utriculata, Dendrodium sp (orchid), Polypodium vulgare (fern). Most of epiphytes are billboards- Monstera climbing around the tree- Buttress rootsThis 3D tree... [Lire la suite]

11 mars 2016

Dendrodium orchid

DENDRODIUM ORCHID Dendrodium is an orchid genus of more then 1200 species, mainly epiphytics, from world tropical forests. More then a simple 3D plant model, this item is a real orchid engine full of innovation. With this model it will be possible to build a large amount of epiphytics orchids for populating your trees, but also ground orchids (bamboo style orchids).With the 20 published parameters it is possible to build 3D Dendrodium orchid with roots or without, customized the aerial roots length and angle, make it growing on a... [Lire la suite]
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