26 décembre 2015


Welcome to 3D Plant ModelWebsite dedicated to my 3D plants modeling and ultra realistic matt painting.   The 3D plants featured on this websites are designed and modeled by myself, using E-On's The Plant Factory software. All products are presented here are available exclusively on the Cornucopia 3D store at this link: http://www.cornucopia3d.com/brokeredfor.php?artist_store=179 and cannot be sold elsewhere. Special projects may require specific types of trees or vegetation growth. I offer custom design on demand services... [Lire la suite]
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29 janvier 2016

Pinus hwangshensis

PINUS HWANGSHANENSIS (chinese pine) Very famous pine from  Huang Shan moutains in Estern china growing on very scenic granitic needles which inspired thousand of chinese painting, up to Avatar film. Pinus hwangshanensis is close relatif to Pinus thunbergii in Japan. Both of them are the source of Bonzaï gardening. The bundle is made with 3 items : - Pinus hwangshanensis (complex layered material) - Pinus hwangshanensis Export (100% bimpa materials) - Pinus hwangshanensis Dead (dead pine tree) - Age, Season and health... [Lire la suite]
29 janvier 2016

Pinus pinea

PINUS PINEA (umbrella pine) Pine from mediterranean and temperate climate - Age, Season and health parameters. - 10 published parameters- Procedural bark material For more details and purchase this 3D plant model please go to this page: http://www.cornucopia3d.com/purchase.php?item_id=13350       Pinus pinea (umbrella pine) with lavender and dry grass   Pinus pinea (umbrella pine) with lavender, dry grass, oleander, and agave   Use of Pinus pinea in low polygon version in ecosystem ... [Lire la suite]
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13 février 2016

Pinus sylvestris (scots pine)

Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine) PINUS SYLVESTRIS (Scots pine) Pine from Europe and Asia growing in a wide range of conditions from Portugal to Siberia: hot and dry to cold and humid. It is a pine with a strong charm with an orange bark degrading to gray, blue needles and a shape making plates when getting old. - Age, Season and health parameters. - 10 published parameters in VUe, 90 in TPF.- Light color variations depending of plant position in the scene for natural and vibrant landscapes. - Displacement mapping on bark (high... [Lire la suite]
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